G. Pump For Rent

G. Pump For Rent

Here you can rent some of the top G. Pump workouts and change the way you feel about exercise and yourself!

G. Pump For Rent

8 Videos

  • #GPump_Dance Cardio Arm Workout

    Want to tone your arms without falling asleep? This G. Pump Dance Cardio workout will have your arms moving and shaking in ways you didn't know was possible while strengthening and defining them! You'll be Arnold in no time! The brave G. Pumpers can strap on .5 - 1kg each arm for added spice but ...

  • #GPump_'Goodness' Full Body Workout

    This 30min full body workout will get the heart rate up, your booty shaking and those muscles aching (In the best way possible!) Have the best time with this workout and finish it feeling amazing on the inside and the out. Aim to complete this workout 2-3 times a week for epic results for your mi...

  • #GPump_'Goodness' Full Body Workout #2

    Grab yourself some ankle/wrist weights or a set of 1kg dumbbells and get ready to feel amazing.
    This is the signature G. Pump feel-good workout you know and love!
    We will focus on keeping a fast pace, a smile on the dial and so many endorphins to fill your body with! Put aside 30 minutes just fo...

  • #GPump_'Goodness' Full Body Workout #3

    How much G. Pump goodness can you squeeze into 30 mins?!
    No equipment necessary all you need for this G. Pump workout is yourselves and a stereo to pump up this tunes. You won't believe how many calories you burn whilst having this much fun! Get ready to thrust those hips G. Pumpers! #...

  • #GPump_Barre Workout

    This workout taps into my 20 years of experience as a ballerina, targeting the lower body with moves that are not to be underestimated! This workout focuses on the glutes and legs and you'll never look at your kitchen bench the same! The playlist is awesome and so is this pink outfit! I'm right t...

  • #GPump_15min Targeted Arm Workout

    This will get your warm and ready for anything G. Pumpers! Target the arms in this 15minute fast & effective weighted workout. Grab a set of dumbbells, cans of beans or 2x water bottles and get ready to raise your heart rate and load those guns! #LetsPump

  • #GPump_Tummy Towel Workout

    All you need is a towel (or pilates ball) for this 20minute Targeted Workout for your Abdominals and Obliques. As always the tunes are pumping! If at anytime the towel is too much, drop it down to just body weight. I'm right there with you - you'll finish this workout with a strong core feeling l...

  • #GPump_30min Lower Body Workout

    This lower body workout will get you warmed up first before getting onto the mat and targeting the lower body and the legs.
    But don't worry - you'll forget you're even working out with the energy of this workout and the epic playlist to go with it. Turn it up in the living room and #LetsPump!