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Watch this video and more on G. Pump

Watch this video and more on G. Pump

#GPump_Post Natal Mat Workout


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  • #GPump_Booty Band Burner

    20 minutes of targeted glutei activation using the resistance band will have you feeling so strong by the end of it!
    Head bopping is also guaranteed with this playlist designed just for this workout. If you don't have a resistance band, you will still get a targeted workout to the glutes and leg...

  • #GPump_Targeted Arm Workout

    Grab a set of hand weights (1kg per hand shown here) as well as wrist weights (.5kg per hand shown here) and be prepared to be proven wrong. It might not look like much, but we are going to work into the arms, shoulders, back and chest during this 20min workout and you'll wake up feeling your har...

  • #GPump_Tummy Towel Workout

    All you need is a towel (or pilates ball) for this 20minute Targeted Workout for your Abdominals and Obliques. As always the tunes are pumping! If at anytime the towel is too much, drop it down to just body weight. I'm right there with you - you'll finish this workout with a strong core feeling l...