Target Areas

Target Areas

46 Episodes

We all have something we want to work a little harder - and here you can pick your workout based on what muscle group you'd like to focus on and strengthen.
These target workouts are for both Beginners to Advanced G. Pumpers with options you can choose throughout.

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Target Areas
  • #GPump_Targeted Workout_Triceps

    This 10-minute workout is going to get the most out of your triceps every minute we are moving! You will need a resistance band for this workout if you want to target the triceps and build your strength.

    If you don't have a resistance band you'll still get an awesome workout in those arms - you ...

  • #GPump_30min Lower Body Workout

    This lower body workout will get you warmed up first before getting onto the mat and targeting the lower body and the legs.
    But don't worry - you'll forget you're even working out with the energy of this workout and the epic playlist to go with it. Turn it up in the living room and #LetsPump!

  • #GPump_15min Targeted Arm Workout

    This will get your warm and ready for anything G. Pumpers! Target the arms in this 15minute fast & effective weighted workout. Grab a set of dumbbells, cans of beans or 2x water bottles and get ready to raise your heart rate and load those guns! #LetsPump

  • #GPump_Targeted Workout_Abs Abs Abs

    Here we will work through each core movement, talk about form, reps, and really feel the burn. This is 30 mins of core building. You will feel so strong by the end of this workout I promise!
    This workout will target your entire core, try this workout 2-3 times a week!

  • #GPump_Full Body Work Out_Part 1 Upper Body

    Target all those upper body areas and get the heart rate up! This is Part 1 of your full body workout. You'll need a kettlebell of 10kg or a bag of oranges or backpack filled with coffee table books to weight your squats and hip thrusts. If you practise this workout 3-4 times a week in conjunctio...

  • #GPump_Full Body Workout_Part 2 Lower Body

    All you'll need is yourself and a great stereo to pump out these tunes! targeting the glutes, inner thighs, hips, and abs you will be feeling incredibly strong and accomplished after this workout!

  • #GPump_Post Natal Upper Body Workout

    G. Pumpers this is your 18min targeted workout to the upper body for those beginners, returning to exercise or new mums getting back into exercise post birth 8-12 weeks.
    You don't need any equipment just a volume control to turn up the dial on this playlist! You'll feel your strength and enduranc...

  • #GPump_Ballet Barre Workout w Ankle Weights

    28mins of Ballet Barre focused work ahead of you G. Pumper.
    You'll need a set of ankle weights and a regular chair to support yourself. This workout without ankle weights will still get those legs firing! The playlist is empowering, the burn is satisfying and I promise we will be friends by the ...

  • #GPump_Targeted Abs Workout

    This mat based ab workout focuses purely on the core. These exercises are available to all G. pumpers from Beginners to Advanced with options for your personal strength. You'll feel this one tomorrow Pump squad! You'll feel amazing! All you need is a mat to work on and a towel for that sweaty mo ...

  • #GPump_Targeted Inner Thigh Workout

    This floor based inner thigh workout is perfect for Beginners to Advanced that are looking to strengthen their inner thighs. As you develop your strength and flexibility over time, your inner thighs will assist with any other workout you put your mind to G. Pumpers! Time to turn those inner thigh...

  • #GPump_Targeted Ankle Weight Workout 15min

    Looking to target and tone your legs, buns and abs in the most efficient way possible? This is the workout for you! All you need is 15mins and your weights and you're in for an effective ride! You can always compete this workout without ankle weights and still get an epic G. Pump workout from it....

  • #GPump_Dance Cardio Upper Body Workout

    Do you want the high-energy of G. Pump, the fun of a Dance Cardio workout and the benefits of an arm workout? Well here you have it rolled into one!
    This 20 minute upper body workout is so damn fun you'll forget about the sensation in your arms and be too busy singing along to these tunes! This ...

  • #GPump_Targeted Tricep Workout

    Grab a set of dumbbells and/or wrist weights, aim for a lighter weight and higher reps as your triceps will really start talking back to you in this one!
    Short and sweet this targeted workout will allow you to build your strength, bop your head to the beat and forget you're even exercising!

  • #GPump_Targeted Advanced Abs Workout

    G. Pumpers this Ab focused workout is for advanced G. Pumpers ready to test their strength and go that extra mile. Use this floor based workout as a bar of your progress! No equipment required just the will to go further.
    Keep your core engaged, low back protected and have a laugh as we push the ...

  • #GPump_Targeted Lower Body Workout

    Only good vibes and sweaty times are included in this lower body workout designed to tone and strengthen your legs and glutes while getting the heart rate up and creating some high-energy endorphins.
    Grab yourself a fun outfit, pump the tunes and get ready to feel a little fire in the lower body...

  • #GPump_Booy Band 30min Workout

    Ready, set, resist! This workout requires a resistance band or set of ankle weights for the ultimate G. Pump workout. With resistance on the band throughout the workout your lower body is constantly working, generating good vibes and sweaty times! This playlist features the ultimate beats to get ...

  • #GPump_Dance Cardio Arm Workout

    Want to tone your arms without falling asleep? This G. Pump Dance Cardio workout will have your arms moving and shaking in ways you didn't know was possible while strengthening and defining them! You'll be Arnold in no time! The brave G. Pumpers can strap on .5 - 1kg each arm for added spice but ...

  • #GPump_Upper Body Strength Workout

    G. Pumpers this workout will allow you to build up strength and tone your upper body whilst having a good time!
    We will be on the mat throughout, pump up the tunes to keep you going and leave this working feeling amazing on the inside and the out. Let's get strong together! #Letspump

  • #GPump_Power Ring Workout

    This workout is designed with your upper body in mind! Grab a power ring, dumbbell, towel or pilates ball to keep tension in the arms and upper body.
    You'll need to switch on that core and stay focused to nail this workout! You'll be feeling it in all the places as you build your strength and mob...

  • #GPump_Abs & Booty (No Equiptment)

    If you want to target both your abs and glutes in the one mat workout this G. Pump workout is for you! Just using the good ol' fashioned floor we rotate between ab work and booty work so you'll smash through the entire workout and finish it feeling amazing on the inside and the out.
    If any of the...

  • #GPump_Disco Arm Workout

    Grab yourself a set of 1kg hand weights or some pompoms to get in the mood and turn up the tunes! This 30min arm targeted workout will get the heart rate up, you'll have a sweaty disco mo in no time and you'll finish this workout feeling stronger than ever. Aim for high reps, low weight - so if a...

  • #GPump_Lower Body Focused Mat Workout

    This lower-body focused workout will help you strengthen your core, build your booty, tone your legs and get the good vibes rolling. All from the comfort of your mat! The playlist will have you tapping your feet and the mo might get a little sweaty. If you're an advanced G. Pumper strap on some a...